• Sliding Windows
Sliding Windows
UPVC Single Sliding Windows are contemporarily styled with one sash that moves horizontally. The standard unit has a UPVC frame, window latch, snap on insect screen and a single, glazed, grey anti-sun glass. This high-tech design has multiple chambers within the frame that creates a thermal barrier to reduce air loss and heat transfer. It is extremely versatile and can be used in many areas of residential and commercial properties
    Tightly sealed against water and air when closed.
    One pane slides open fully against the other allowing high ventilation and easy cleaning access.
    Durable fusion-welded vinyl construction.
    Low maintenance.
    Double glazed glass option virtually eliminates heat and sound transfer when closed.
    French style treatment
    Snap-on insect screen
    No discolouration from UV rays

Standard Sizes

24 x 24
24 x 36
24 x 48
30 x 36
30 x 24
30 x 48
36 x24
36 x 36
36 x 42
36 x 48
48 x 24
48 x 36
48 x 42
48 x 48
60 x 36
60 x 42
60 x 48
72 x 36
72 x 48

Frame Cutaway

Sliding Windows

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