Why choose Sunlight Windows And Doors


Since 2006 Sunlight Windows and Doors(SWD) Limited has been manufacturing standard sized windows and doors to decoratively enclose your valuable real estate- be it residential commercial or institutional. Your home supplies and hardware stores have been our trusted partners that ensures our professionally designed products are available at a retail outlet near you.
We have subsequently expanded our LEAD FREE products range to include Standard and Customized Windows, Internal and External Doors Shower Enclosures, with a wide variety of Glass shades and sizes to create the perfect ambiance for your space.
Our experienced and dedicated production sales, delivery and installation teams work together to bring to you high quality products that bring to life your dreams. Our products are backed by warranties that are designed with the comfort safety and security of you our valuable customer in mind.
You can ask your architect, housing developer, home supplies and hardware stores for our products. You will be excited and satisfied at the ease with which you can do business with Sunlight Windows and Doors Limited

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Sustainability And Quality


Our focus on quality is reflected in our processes, systems,products, innovations and services. For this purposes, we are constantly creating a working environment that encourages our employees and suppliers to prevent defects and pursue excellent performances.

Sustainability and Eco-Management

An ecologically sound production process as well as a sustainability designed work place form a crucial part of the alupast eco guidlines, which are reflected in our environment-friendly products.

Protect the environment actively with uPVC windows

autoplast uPVC window systems live up to what they promise:An outstanding product quality and a long service life contribute actively to the conservation of the natural environment

The raw materials used for our window profiles are based on a calcium-zinc chemical stabiliser that is strictly lead-free. With this eco-friendly stabiliser and our involvment in "VINYL 2010", that among others implies the use of recycled materials in our plastic profiles, aluplast offers window systems that can be fabricated and recycled in an ecologicallly sound way

Responsibility towards People and the Environment

SUNLIGHT Windows & Doors assumes responsibility for people and the environment and, together with customers and partners, contributes actively to the protection of our natural environment

Better Guarantees

Improving your home or business can represent a substantial investment and because of this we offer comprehensive guarantees that give you added piece of mind