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Aluminium Closet Doors
have at least two sliding aluminum frames.

Aluminium Shower Enclosure
are constructed with Acrolite glass and an aluminum frame.

Hurricane Shutters Series
Has one gliding sash which operates by sliding the sash vertically past a fixed line

SUNLIGHT Windows & Doors Offer These Great Benefits


Made with the highest quality materials and manufactured in Jamaica at world class standards. Our products meet and exceed global standards for strength and durability.

Less Maintenance

Sunlight windows are easy to use and maintain. The windows need only regular cleaning to maintain their appearance - the powder-coated aluminium external frame will resist even the harshest weather conditions.

Energy Efficient

The glazing of our windows and doors are 1/8" grey glass except otherwise specified. This provides a high standard of energy efficiency from our products as standard.


We install what we sell and provide you a 2 year warranty on completion. We also offer free measurements and estimates


The quality of our glass and innovation of our designs ensures that unwanted noise pollution is kept out, with outside noise reduced by as much as 35 decibels

Lead Free

All our products are lead free and are made of the highest quality and safety standards. This is our commitment to excellence and our customer's safety.

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Better Guarantees

Improving your home or business can represent a substantial investment and because of this we offer comprehensive guarantees that give you added piece of mind

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